Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield will no longer cover MRI and CT exams that are ‘not medically necessary’ at hospitals


By March 2018, Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) will require that MR and CT scans considered “not medically necessary” be performed at freestanding medical imaging facilities in order to be covered. As of that date, patients who are referred to the hospital for such tests may be responsible for the full cash price of the test.

While this announcement limits test location options, this decision will save patients a great deal of money if they receive imaging at Radiology Associates of Hartford.

Quite often, tests performed in the hospital can be much higher than the same quality test at an outpatient center, and in some cases up to four times the cost. With insurance co-pays and deductibles at all-time highs, this means that patients (and their insurance carriers) can save a great deal of money by having routine diagnostic imaging tests performed at an outpatient center.

Not all outpatient centers are the same.

Just like leading hospitals in our city, the outpatient centers of Radiology Associates of Hartford utilize state-of-the-art MRI, CT, digital radiography, ultrasound, mammography and DEXA equipment at each of our outpatient centers. Our radiologists are among the most highly trained subspecialists in New England; in fact, our radiologists also interpret these tests for St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Johnson Memorial Medical Center and The Rehabilitation Hospital of Connecticut, with whom we have enjoyed a partnership for many years.

We have THREE locations throughout greater Hartford to serve you, and accept all major insurance plans and Medicare. Results are provided to your doctor within 48 hours of your test, reducing unnecessary anxiety and helping you to get the care you need, sooner.

Would you like to know more?

If you have a need for routine diagnostic imaging like MRI and CT exams, it pays to learn the facts for yourself. Feel free to navigate our website or call (860) 969-6400 for more information and a location nearest you.

If you have an order for a diagnostic test at a hospital and are concerned that it will not be covered by insurance, call us! Our insurance specialists will help you determine the best options for you.