Cigna Paitents

RAH Cigna Patients

Trinity Health of New England (SoNE HEALTH) is currently negotiating a new contract with Cigna of Connecticut that covers the care we provide to our patients with Cigna insurance. Radiology Associates of Hartford facilities will be considered out-of-network effective September 2, 2021 until the contract is resolved.  

If you need Imaging Services, you do have a choice:

RAH Cigna Patients

1. Cigna Continuity of Care: During this contract dispute, Cigna has offered patients to apply for Continuity of Care services. Please provide us with a copy of your Continuity of Care letter.


2. Radiology Associates of Hartford can provide services to you with our SELF PAY rate. This discounted rate will be provided to you today. You will need to pay for services. If the Cigna contract dispute is resolved retroactive to your date of service, we are happy to submit the claim on your behalf and refund your payment if you desire.

Radiology Associates of Hartford remains committed to assisting you with your imaging and healthcare needs.

If you have a question regarding your Cigna coverage, please visit or call us at 860-969-6383.
You may also call Trinity Health of New England at 860-785-4455.