Breast Ultrasound Services at RAH in Glastonbury, CT

Breast Ultrasound

Radiology Associates of Hartford offers breast ultrasound. A breast ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive exam that uses sound waves to see the inside of the breast. No compression is necessary. Breast ultrasound is offered at all four of our Central Connecticut digital imaging locations.

Breast ultrasound is performed in conjunction with mammography, especially in the case of dense breasts, and for patients with breast implants, since an ultrasound can distinguish between solid and fluid-filled lumps (cysts). Cysts are very common and completely benign; about half of all women have some cysts in their breasts at some point.

In women under 30 years of age, a breast ultrasound is often used as the first diagnostic exam before a mammogram.

Radiology Associates of Hartford serves patients around Avon, Bloomfield, Enfield and Glastonbury, Connecticut. You have a choice when it comes to your breast ultrasound. Find out why Connecticut patients and their physicians choose Radiology Associates of Hartford!

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