It’s your money.
Why spend more for the same test?

You have a choice when it comes to where to have your diagnostic testing performed. Here’s why you will want to exercise that choice.

Did you know that the cost of a diagnostic imaging test can vary greatly between imaging providers?

When you visit Radiology Assocaites of Hartford (RAH) for an imaging test, you’ll find the most competitive rates in the region. This can make a real difference in your insurance co-pay or deductible, and potentially save you hundreds of dollars—or more—over the cost of the exact same test elsewhere.

Even though screening tests like mammography are completely covered by insurance, the cost of any follow-up testing—if needed—may require additional costs—in the form of a higher co-pay or possibly the complete cost of the test if your deductible is not yet met. That’s why it’s important to know what your provider charges for these tests—before you have them!

Here’s an example. Mary and Beth each go for their annual screening mammogram, except they visit two different providers. When they get their test results, they are each informed that there is a suspicious area on their screening mammogram that requires a follow-up diagnostic mammogram, and possibly an ultrasound, to be certain that the suspicious area is not cancerous.

Mary’s diagnostic mammogram
and ultrasound cost $2,300.

Her annual deductible is $2,500 and she has not incurred any other healthcare expenditures during the year prior to her mammogram that would be applied to her deductible. As a result, she now has to pay $2,300 out of pocket for her tests.

Beth’s diagnostic mammogram
and ultrasound cost $735.

With the same annual deductible as Mary, Beth is charged less than 1/3 the cost that Mary paid, but for the exact same tests.

This example illustrates how two women could have the same test, receive follow-up testing to rule out cancer, and pay two vastly different amounts to achieve the same peace of mind.

At Radiology Associates of Hartford, we are happy to share with you the cost of our diagnostic tests in advance. Just call our center and we can help you determine your out-of-pocket costs, if any, so you can compare the difference for yourself.