Self-Pay Pricing

At Radiology Associates of Hartford we offer affordable pricing for all of our individual digital imaging services. This is a list of our most commonly ordered procedures. If you don’t see the exam your physician has ordered, please contact us at (860) 969-6400. We offer Time of Service Pricing (TOS) for all exams. TOS Pricing is inclusive of the reading fee and contrast agents. Patients may choose TOS pricing if they have a high deductible plan or insurance will not cover the cost of the exam. Prices are subject to change without notification. Discounts are only available when paid in full before or at the time of service.

CT ScanAmount
Ct Scan Head w/o Contrast$300
Ct Scan Head w Contrast$350
Ct Scan Head w/ & w/o Contrast$400
Cta Head w/ & w/o Contrast$800
Cta Neck w/ & w/o Contrast$800
Ct Thorax, w/o Contrast$300
Ct Thorax w/ Contrast$350
Ct Thorax w/ & w/o Contrast$400
Ct Lumbar Spine w/o Contrast$400
Ct Pelvis w/o Contrast$400
Ct Pelvis w/ Contrast$450
Ct Pelvis w/ & w/o Contrast$500
Ct Upper Extremity w/o Contrast$400
Ct Lower Extremity w/o Contrast$400
Ct Abdomen w/o Contrast$300
Ct Abdomen w/ Contrast$350
Ct Abd w/ & w/o Contrast$400
Ct Abdomen & Pelvis w/o Contrast$350
Ct Abdomen & Pelvis w/ Contrast$400
Ct Abdomen & Pelvis w/ & w/o Contrast$450
Ct Scan Calcium Score (CCTA)$99
MRI Scan (Glastonbury and Enfield locations only)Amount
Mri Brain w/o Contrast$350
Mri Brain w/ & w/o Contrast$500
Mri Chest w/o Contrast$350
Mri Chest w/ & w/o Contrast$500
Mri Cervical Spine w/o Contrast$450
Mri Thoracic Spine w/o Contrast$450
Mri Lumbar Spine w/o Contrast$450
Mri Cervical Spine w/ & w/o Contrast$550
Mri Thoracic Spine w/ & w/o Contrast$550
Mri Lumbar Spine w/ & w/o Contrast$550
Mri Pelvis w/o Contrast$450
Mri Pelvis w/ & w/o Contrast$550
Mri Upper Extremity Joint w/o Contrast$400
Mri Lower Extremity Joint w/o Contrast$400
Mri Joint Upper Extremity w/ & w/o Contrast$550
Mri Joint Lower Extremity w/ & w/o Contrast$550
Mri Abdomen w/o Contrast$400
Mri Abdomen w/ & w/o Contrast$500
Mri Breast Bilateral w/ & w/o Contrast$800
Ultrasound ScanAmount
Ultrasound Abdomen Complete$225
Ultrasound Abdomen, Single Organ$150
Us Abdominal Aorta, Aaa Screening$150
Ultrasound Kidney, Aorta$200
Us Pregnancy, Less Than 14 Weeks$200
Us Pregnancy, Greater Than 14 Weeks $200
US Pelvis, Non Obstetric/Transvaginal/Doppler $850
Scrotal Ultrasound$200
Us Extremity, Non-Vascular Complete$250
US Extremity, Non-Vascular Limited$60
Duplex Scan Extremity Veins Bilateral$400
Duplex Scan Extremity Unilateral$300
Carotid Doppler Bilateral$400
Women’s ImagingAmount
Ultrasound, Breast, Bilateral$250
Diagnostic Mammogram/3D Tomosynthesis$390
Screening Mammogram/3D Tomosynthesis$340
Bone Density Study$150
Mri Breast Bilateral$800
Mri Fast Breast Bilateral$350
General X-rayAmount
Chest PA & Lateral$45
Cervical Spine 4 Views Complete$70
Lumbar 4 Views Complete$80
Pelvis 1-2 Views Complete$50
Shoulder 2-3 View Complete$50
Hand 3 Views Complete$60
Knee 3 Views Complete$60
Foot 3 Views Complete$55
Abdomen 1 View$50