Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray

We are Connecticut’s Clear Choice for Convenient Digital X-Ray

Common Studies Include: All Bones

Walk In appointments are also accepted at all locations – please bring your order from your referring provider with you. To schedule your Digital X-Ray appointment call 860-969-6400.


X-Ray is available at the following Radiology Associates of Hartford locations:

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At Radiology Associates of Hartford, X-rays are no longer black and white images printed on film and viewed on a lightbox. Our Digital X-ray scans produce images instantly on a computer using sensitive plates to capture the area of concern with the lowest possible amount of radiation necessary for high-quality images.

When it comes to X-rays, the difference is clear.

Our digital X-rays eliminate the use of chemicals to develop the film and are replaced by laser scanning images saved to a computer hard drive or written to a DVD and provide better and clearer images with high resolution. Our radiologist and your referring physician can view the requested images on a desktop or personal computer.

Walk-in appointments for digital X-ray exams are available at all of our five convenient locations for fast, convenient service. An order (also referred to as a script or requisition form) is required from your referring physician for your X-ray exam, please bring your completed form with you.

No special preparation is required for most general X-rays, however, inform the technologist if there is any possibility that you are pregnant. At RAH, we always have a radiologist on site so the exam will be interpreted and results phoned, faxed or delivered electronically to the referring physician; your referring physician will share the results with you.

To schedule your Digital X-Ray appointment at our locations, call 860-969-6400.
Online scheduling is always open!

We are Connecticut’s Clear Choice for convenient and accessible appointment times with fast, reliable results.

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