New Connecticut Law: Coverage for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening

A new law in Connecticut wants to help you detect breast and ovarian cancer early. 

Every year, approximately 300,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer, and 20,000 are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Annual screenings such as mammograms and ultrasounds are extremely helpful in detecting cancer early. However, many women find that they need additional diagnostics after their initial screening. This can cost up to thousands of dollars, even for people with insurance.

Dr. Michelle Romero, a breast imaging specialist at Radiology Associates of Hartford, said “Some women who have an abnormal finding on a breast screening test have opted not to have the recommended follow up testing or biopsy, because they are more worried about the additional expense than their own health consequences.”

In an effort to help, Connecticut recently passed a new state law, CT Public Act No. 22-90. Additional diagnostics for breast cancer screening are now covered by insurance for fully insured individuals as well as people in group health policies. The law also requires certain insurance plans to cover people with a higher genetic risk for developing breast or ovarian cancer.

“Thanks to the new legislation, the cost for additional diagnostic testing is significantly reduced,” Dr. Romero added. “Now, women can get the follow-up care they need, without hesitation, to either confirm or rule out a breast cancer diagnosis.”

Diagnostic Screening at Radiology Associates of Hartford
Radiology Associates of Hartford offers breast and ovarian cancer screening at our locations in Avon, Bloomfield, Enfield, Glastonbury, and Rocky Hill. If you would like to learn more about screening at Radiology Associates of Hartford, please call us at 860-969-6400.


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